Chief Technology Officer

Joe C.

Hi! Nice to meet you all! Here is a little about what I do here at Cricket's K9 Clips:

I have worked for 25+ years as a leader in Critical Infrastructure and Networks (that's to say Data Centers, 911 Systems, and the like), I work diligently to keep Cricket's K9 Clips on the cutting edge of technology.

As the Chief Technology Officer, my goal is to provide a consistent, professional and user friendly experience for our customers.

Our customers' expectations are met with the assistance of a few trusted vendors. Together, we provide consistent, positive experiences, and continue to explore more ways to improve each day.

On occasion, you may see me in the Grooming Salon working with the Groomer and/ or other staff members. Although I have not earned the sublime title of "Groomer", I do enjoy helping out and spending time with all the wonderful pets and their owners!

Please feel free to let me know how I can make your experience even better!