Full Service Grooming Salon for Dogs

Cosmetic & Preventative-health grooming treatments for happier pets



  • Experienced, professional, and caring grooming staff

  • Preventative and maintenance health and comfort procedures

  • Pain-free techniques and philosophy

  • Beautiful grooming results!

  • Clean fresh pets

  • Various health and cosmetic procedures to choose from, including:

    • Haircuts, baths, and brush-outs

    • Face-trimming, and nails

    • Matting removal

    • Ear washing

Additional Grooming Information

Prices may vary depending on breed, size, hair length, condition of coat, etc.

A puppy cut is designed for your puppy's first visit to the groomer. Puppies have a harder time sitting still for extended periods, and often only allow us to do as much as they want us to do. We take extra time to acclimate your dog to the grooming process. In addition to getting them used to the clippers, puppy cuts (aka partial cut) consist of a sanitary cut, eye trim, foot-pad shaving, nail trim, bath and brush.

We strive to make their first grooming experience as positive as possible.

Grooming Terms of Service & Waiver

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Grooming Services & Estimated Rates

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